Contact Us

At present we have one form of contact, e-mail:

The Lodge Secretary can be contacted at

Webmaster is contactable through

We run an invite e-mail distribution list, so if you would like to be invited to our future “shoot and meets” then please send an e-mail to

imagesIt is a closed and secure e-mail distribution list. Members on the list do not see the e-mail addresses of anyone else on the list and messages are sent as a single e-mail to avoid being trapped in a spam filter (it will appear as a single e-mail to you from the sender)

This list is not available to anyone outside Prince David Lodge. Only someone on the list can send an e-mail to the list so any 3rd party who tries to send to it will be rejected by the server (this is to avoid any spam attempt)

This distribution list is not just for masons but is open to anyone who is interested. All our shoots are open to non-members, the presentations we do at the end of our Lodge Meetings are open to everyone

A lot of the time we have a White Table afterwards instead of a Festive Board, this means wives, partners, friends and non-masons can join us for a good dinner and excellent company afterwards 🙂

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