Next Meeting is Monday 9th February 2015 at Surbiton

Just to inform you that the next meeting of Prince David Lodge (Shotgun Lodge) is Monday 9th February at the Surbiton Masonic Centre

Glenmore House Surbiton Surrey wedding venue

At the December meeting there were 5 joining members from the shooting fraternity. So far there has been one application received to join the lodge at the February meeting.

I know that this will take time to get joining members on board, but I would ask that all of you that have expressed an interest to join, to please fill out an application form, and forward on to the Secretary. This will then allow the secretary to coordinate those that would like to join, to come into the lodge over the next few meetings.

Going forward we will need the new members to fill various offices as some of the existing members would now like to sit back and let others take on the various lodge offices.

The lodge is still working on the Bye-Laws which should be in place soon.

As I have stated in previous communications, the lodge is looking for idea’s on how to shape the lodge for the future, so the more that join the more idea’s we will have even if some are non starters.

I think we have all sat in meetings at some time or other and thought if only we could do that, or not do that in the lodge or festive board, well we can shape the lodge to how the members think it should be run.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a lodge that has like minded people,  that moves around the Province, (Peripatetic)  and a lodge that will be very different to the rest.

So please try to come along and support the February Meeting.

Our next meeting after February, will be in April when we will then be moving out into the Province:

  • The April meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd April, St Georges Day, at Bisley.
  • We will be having a 50 bird shoot first, followed by the meeting in Bisley, then dining at one of the clubs.
  • This shoot will be organised by Bro Paul Rayward.
  • Just to let you know that the dress code for the meeting will be morning or dark suite, or shooting attire.  

If you are interested in joining, but don’t shoot, we will be more than happy to help you learn to shoot.

If you are interested then please e-mail the secretary Ian Neve on

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