Surrey Freemason’s Charity – Going to a good cause


If you have ever wondered about the practical benefit of the Charitable funds raised by Freemasons in Surrey then watch the Panorama  programme “Can You Cure My Cancer?” tonight at 9pmpanorama

This programme highlights trials at the Royal Marsden and Institute of Cancer Research, which is supported by charitable donations from Freemasons (among others of course)

“The programme explores the pioneering work of the Drug Development Unit, led by Professor Johann de Bono. Everyone involved with the unit is dedicated to finding the next breakthrough in cancer drug treatments. Their work has real benefits for our patients today, as it offers them the hope of life-extending treatments that could give them more quality time with their families. Seven of our patients were both generous and brave enough to share their experiences for the programme.

Clinical trials are also vital to those of us that will rely on The Royal Marsden in the future, as they are the cornerstone for the development of new cancer treatments, enabling us to push the boundaries of known medicine. This Panorama programme really shows the difference your donations make and the significance the work that is going on in the Drug Development Unit has on the lives of cancer patients today.

We hope you can watch it on Wednesday night and feel proud of the difference your support is making.”original article

The image001Royal Marsden Cancer Charity has an interesting website which details a lot more about what they do

“Together we raised more than £9 million last year to fund pioneering work in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and care to improve the lives of patients at The Royal Marsden and people with cancer throughout the UK and beyond.” – original article

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